Thursday, January 15, 2015

0C/32F makes for...

One sweaty Momma and a panting dog!

That's right. The body adapts to just about anything I guess. After a long stretch of extremely low temperatures freezing point feels kinda balmy.

Monday: 4 miles recovery
Tuesday: 8 miles, 3 miles tempo
Wednesday: 8 miles

It looks like it's going to stick for a few more days. Lucky me!!

Lots of running means good fuelling. Last night I had a wonderful winter salad. Spinach and kale with toasted quinoa, roasted butternut squash (yes plenty of olive oil) and some pulled pork. Very yummy!!

This is my favorite home made dressing: 1/3 cup of mix of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar (I use mostly lemon juice, just a splash of balsamic), 1/3 cup of olive oil, honey, tsp of good mustard, minced clove of garlic, salt, pepper. You can add herbs like basil if you want depending what kind of salad you are making. But it's good enough the way it is. 

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