Sunday, January 11, 2015

45 mile week

Finished a 45 mile week today. It was a tough one. I don't think the temp. was above -30 for the entire week. It's been extremely cold for 2 weeks now and I had enough. I really need a little break. Hopefully next week is better.

Sunrise this morning.

I did 12 miles today but I divided it in a morning and an afternoon run. I just can't run that long in this cold. It's too hard on my body.

Polar vortex dog. Allie loves running outside in this weather

I also have to find a way to keep my butt and thighs warmer, they just get too cold no matter the layers. Anybody with suggestions feel free to let me know. 

Ok enough with the whining. I am still going and part of the success is for sure  you people reading this blog. This week I was seriously contemplating the treadmill but I made a deal with myself to run through winter so I'm going to keep at it. 

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. When you say -30 is that wind chill? or the actual temp? I just started taking these Winter snowshoeing (and swing!) trips to the midwest in January and was seriously schooled this year about wind chill. Unwilling to risk my digits to frostbite we had to stay inside most of the week. Since you had to break up your long run, how long do you spend outside at one time. And is -30 unusually cold, or is that normal?

    Congratulations of following through with this personal challenge but please stay safe :)

    1. Tracy, on all of my previous posts I wrote the temperature it was with and without wind chill. If you like you can just read back.
      It has been between -20/-30 for a while now but that is without wind chill. With the wind chill it has been around -30/-40. Except for one or two days. If there is no wind chill -20 is actually not too bad. But with wind up to -30 or lower it feels brutal.
      Frostbite is very rare when exercising. Here people usually get it when being not careful during snow mobiling (or however you call it). I do put vaseline on exposed skin which is just around my eyes, I go outside when it's really cold and never had frostbite.

      I spend up to 2 hours outside. Yesterday it was -35 wind chill but actual temperature was about -28.
      I actually get hot after a while. Most important is wearing my balaclava with mouthpiece (that way the air intake is just a little warmer) and another hat on top (otherwise sweat freezes which is awful). Also keeping my hands and legs warm is important, lots of layers and a wind stopper. The core however gets very hot. It's important to not wear too many layers there because sweating a lot is worse and can be dangerous with wind chill (hypothermia)

      I do circle around my house in about 3 mile circles, I don't go far like I do in summer. That's also because I can't carry water, it freezes. And the air is very dry in these extreme cold temperatures so drinking is very important. I just go home every time and drink something.

      Thanks for commenting. I intend to keep going. Next week should be up into the 20's. That will feel balmy after these last few challenging weeks!

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