Sunday, December 7, 2014

2 thoughts that get me through the long run

Temperature: -8C/17F windchill -13C/8Fb

Long run of 2 hours. 11 miles.

One of those days that the temperature felt colder than it should. Went back because my face was cold in the wind but I didn't want to put my balaclava on because I knew it would be too warm. Lathered a lot of vaseline on my face and went back out. Sure enough that did the trick. Can't do without vaseline in a cold climate!

One other pair of footsteps on the trail. Somebody's been brave!!

One of the things that keeps me going on a long run is thinking about the treats I am going to enjoy when back. Hot chocolate is one of them, the other is a hot bath with scented epsom salts. That's about it, I'm a simple woman.


  1. Hanneke, love reading your blog! You are finding a way and you have so many excuses. Keep up the amazing effort and your reward will be Sunny Phoenix Marathon!! Keep Believing, Keep Running & Stay Warm, SL

    1. Thank you Susan!! It does help me to stay motivated. I already bought my bib for Phoenix. Can't wait!