Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Montezuma's Revenge

Traveling around in exciting countries can be so eventful. After my altercation with a stingray I had a visit from Montezuma. Anyone that has been to Mexico or one of the less developed Mediterranean countries knows what that means. Travelers diarrhea.

So that means another two days of rest from running, lots of running actually just not the right kind.
Any runner knows that so much interference with training is not beneficial for mental well being. It plays tricks with our minds that all is lost. Of course that is not true so I need to repeat that many times. I'will be ok I will be ok etc

This morning I had a nice little run around Little Corn Island. It's a tiny Island in the Caribbean. Different Ocean than last week. We were at the Pacific coast last week and at the Atlantic Coast this week.
Since I am still very weak from not eating and lots of fluid loss the last two day I took it easy but it still felt hard. Did 55 minutes of running/walking and taking pictures. Also I hate humidity.

This little girl thought it was fun to run with me for a while.

Anybody knows what kind of bird this is? You can't really tell but it's really big.

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