Saturday, December 20, 2014

Post stingray survival run

I had two days of rest after my debacle with a stingray. Make sure you never get stung by one of those babies because it's seriously painful. My foot is still swollen from the venom but it doesn't hurt anymore. Actually I think I could have run yesterday but I did not want to push it.

We are in the north of Nicaragua now and it's the area of eternal spring. It's nice and warm but never hot like in the rest of this country. It's the area of coffee. 

I did a 55 minute run in town this morning. When I got outside at 5.30 am I saw a guy with a shotgun sitting across the street. No uniform or anything just a regular guy. I did not know if this was a good or bad sign so I just started my run. It seemed there was a guy like that on the sidewalk every other block or so. Lot's of people out running and exercising here so all seemed good.

I wanted to take a picture of the guy with the gun but when I was done running he was gone. I did see him in the park where I took my last loop so I snagged a picture from the back. Him and his buddy.

I love early morning runs and see people get ready for the day. People in Nicaragua are extremely friendly and happy.  It's a great country to visit. That is if you are a bit adventurous. If you are an all inclusive resort type this country is not for you. 

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